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Donation Categories

CLIPCO Administration Costs
Community Events
DGC (Direct Give Campaign) Expenses
President Administration Exp.
Postage/Mailing service

Instructional Materials
CLIP Art Material (K-5)
CLIP Art Material (6-8)
Grade K - Teacher Reimbursable
Grade 1 - Teacher Reimbursable
Grade 2 - Teacher Reimbursable
Grade 3 - Teacher Reimbursable
Grade 4 - Teacher Reimbursable
Grade 5 - Teacher Reimbursable
Grade 6 - Teacher Reimbursable
Grade 7 - Teacher Reimbursable
Grade 8 - Teacher Reimbursable
Elementary Library Books (K-5)
Books & Supplemental Materials (6-8)

Professional Development
Professional Development

Training and Conferences
Training and Conferences



ASEP - unallocated expense
ASEP - Chinese Calligraphy Class
ASEP - Chinese Dance Class
ASEP - Chinese Lion Dance Class
ASEP - Chinese Percussion Class
ASEP - Chinese Wushu Class
ASEP - Go Monday
ASEP - Flute Class
ASEP - Baking
ASEP - Erhu

Graduation Expenses

CLIPCO T-shirt Expenses
CLIPCO T-shirt Expenses