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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

District Information

CLIP K-5th grades: Meyerholz Elementary School

CLIP 6-8th grades: Miller Middle School

Do I have to live within the boundaries of the district in order to join CLIP?

You have to live within the district boundaries at the time you register for school in order to apply to the program. In order to remain in the program CUSD residency is required.

How do I apply to the program?

There are three main enrollment requirements to be eligible for CLIP registration:

  1. Follow the procedures for general district registration.
  2. Attend a mandatory CLIP Tour.
  3. Follow the procedures and meet the deadlines for Open Enrollment for the CLIP program.
Please visit the sites below for specific information and note that the CLIP K-5 tours start in November and run through January. There is a single CLIP 6-8 tour December 13th.

CLIP K-5: registration site.

CLIP 6-8: registration site.

Does the CLIP program teach traditional or simplified Chinese?

Students at Meyerholz will begin learning written Chinese using zhuyin in conjunction with traditional characters. They will use traditional characters during the primary grades. Students will begin learning pinyin in grades 4 and 5 for use with computers and pleasure reading. Students in grades 6-8 will continue to use traditional characters as the basis of the program, but will also be introduced to simplified characters.

What are the chances of getting my child into the program after kindergarten?

After kindergarten, the chances of joining the program are dependent on two factors: enrollment for the grade level dropping below 60 students and your child passing a Mandarin language assessment administered by the program. Students who enter after kindergarten must be at the same level (reading, writing, understanding) as current Meyerholz CLIP students of same grade.

How can I help my child if I do not speak Mandarin at home?

It is not necessary for Mandarin to be spoken in the home in order for your child to be successful in the program. Please see RELATED LINKS for the wealth of resources available for immersion families. Mandarin Language websites, Chinese lending libraries and local activities in Chinese can be found here.

Do siblings have priority?

Sibling priority will be given to siblings of in-district students currently attending the respective school who register during the registration window.

Are children allowed on school tours?

No children of any age are allowed on the tours. This is not only a safety issue but we also want to minimize the disruption when visiting classrooms.

I can not make the tour, what do I do?

Attendance at one of the four tours offered is MANDATORY. Only the parent of the child can attend (relatives sent in place of the parent are not accepted) Individual tours cannot be arranged.