Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

What is CLIPCO?

The Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) does not fund the Mandarin portion of the Cupertino Language Immersion Program (CLIP). When CLIP was initially established, the parents of the first students created CLIPCO, a non-profit 501(c)(3) support organization, as an easy way for parents to donate money to the program.

How is CLIP different from CLIPCO?

CLIP is the name of our program: Cupertino Language Immersion Program. CLIPCO is the non-profit support organization. CLIPCO stands for Cupertino Language Immersion Program Community Organization. CLIPCO consists of parent volunteers who are tasked with raising money to support CLIP.

What does my donation pay for?

Your donation pays for Mandarin texts, development of curriculum, duplication of curriculum, instructional aides, Mandarin books for the Library, and anything that pertains to the Mandarin portion of our program. Please go to the CAC & Budget page for more detailed budget information.

What does CLIPCO do?

CLIPCO is responsible for raising money each year. Our biggest fundraiser is our Direct Give Campaign. If parents contribute each year, our students are ensured the best quality Mandarin learning possible. CLIPCO also helps to bring our CLIP community together by holding various CLIP events such as the Welcome Picnic and the Spring Banquet.

What are some of the CLIPCO events?

CLIPCO events include Town Hall Meetings, Welcome Picnic, Spring Banquet and the Mandarin Language Contest. More information can be found on our Programs & Committees page.

How is CLIPCO different from the PTA?

The PTA is responsible for raising money for ALL children of Meyerholz to help fund music, art, PE and technology for our school. PTA will also ask you for a separate donation to help fund the various programs at Meyerholz. CLIPCO funds only the Mandarin and supplemental portion of the CLIP curriculum not covered by the district and PTA. Your child benefits from both donations.

What is the CAC?

CAC is the Curriculum Advisory Committee. This committee was set up by the district to help make curriculum decisions with parent and teacher involvement. CAC and CLIPCO work collaboratively. The CAC board is composed of teachers, parents, and principals. They present funding needs to CLIPCO, which in turn raises the money to cover those needs. Find more information on the CAC & Budget page.

Why doesn't the CUSD pay for the Mandarin portion of our program?

CUSD funds the English portion of the CLIP curriculum. Our students receive the same amount of money as other students in the Cupertino Union School District. However, additional funds are required each year to cover the Mandarin portion of the curriculum and its continued development.

Do other schools in the Cupertino Union School District ask for donations?

Yes, all the other alternative programs and regular programs ask for donations.

How do I know where my money is being spent?

CLIPCO works with the district to let parents know where the money is being spent. Every time there is a change in the state-mandated curriculum, the Mandarin portion must be updated, translated, and developed. Please check the CAC & Budget page for more details.

What are the Goals of CLIPCO?

CLIPCO's primary goal is to raise money and to support CLIP by reaching 100% participation level among families in CLIP. Each year we need to raise a significant amount of money to pay for the necessary parts of our program. CLIPCO also strives to increase communication, create a strong parent community, help us all embrace the Mandarin culture, and have fun.

Why is 100% participation so important?

Full participation in the direct give campaign demonstrates the commitment of our parent community. It also ensures a quality Mandarin education and fulfills your family's education goals.

How much should I give?

Each year the CLIPCO Board of Directors assess the need of the program and determine the suggested donation amount. Please check the Direct Give donation page for the current year's suggested donation amount. Every donation, regardless of size, is important to CLIP and our kids.

How can I give my donation?

CLIPCO accepts cash, checks made payable to CLIPCO, and credit cards. Please make a credit card payment or monthly installment plans by visiting on Donation page.

Does CLIPCO really need my donation?

Yes, if your child is in the program, your child uses new texts, receives Mandarin instruction, and benefits from all aspects of our program. Your donation ensures the ongoing success of our program for YOUR child.

I can't seem to make a monetary donation this year. How can I help otherwise?

Please consider making a smaller donation that fits your budget and/or utilizing our monthly credit card installments by visiting on Donation page.

How can your employer help CLIP?

Many companies provide charitable matching programs. In addition, some companies offer other giving and volunteer program that are equally important.

  • HP has a charitable giving program where parents may make an in-kind donation of much needed equipment at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Applied Materials will give a $250 Grant to CLIP and Intel will donate $10/hour to CLIP if an employee volunteers a minimum of 20 hours a year.
  • Yahoo! will provide 8-hours of company paid Community Service time a year for employee volunteers

Please check with your HR department for available programs. Send this information to info@cusdclipco.org and CLIPCO will spread the word to other parents to take advantage of these Corporate Community Programs.