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Funding CLIPCO

CLIP depends completely on donations to fund the programs not covered by normal school district funds. These programs include the Mandarin
Chinese curriculum, CLIP Art program, and Homework Club to name a few. To support these programs, CLIPCO hosts the Direct Give Contest
to garner donations. To foster friendly competition and to encourage donations, CLIPCO is offering several prizes to those who donate.

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Please make your online donation below using PayPal's secure and convenient payment system. After making a donation you will receive a receipt detailing your donation information.
For questions about your donations, please contact our Treasurer(s) at
Thank you for your support in the continuing success of CLIP!
Donations FAQ

To pay by check, download and fill out the pledge form.

Recommended amount:   K - 5th grade: $425
 6th - 8th grade: $200
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