ASEP Registration

Register your child for the After School Enrichment Program

Meyerholz-CLIP After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) Application

Please complete, sign and return confirmation email with checks to the ASEP box in the Meyerholz office between Monday 5/14/18 - Thursday 6/7/18. (Please make sure checks are dropped off no later than 11:30AM on 6/7/18, as this is the last day of school.) Please print student’s name, grade and class name on each check and attach with paper clip - no staples. Please make sure you register with the email that you check regularly for email, any updates are notified by email. You are not guaranteed to get into all the classes that you signed up for.

More information on the ASEP program can be found here.

Checks payable: CLIPCO

Date: 8/1/2018 (Please make separate checks for each class.)

Check memo: Child name, Grade (2018-2019), ASEP class

Note: This is not a fund raising activity for CLIPCO. Classes will be canceled when not enough donation is collected

ASEP Registration for the school year is now closed.