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Showcase Dates are 12/13/2019 for Fall and 5/15/2020 for Spring.

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Class Number Program Requirement Day Time Length Location Suggested Donation
1a* Chinese Game - Go (FQ 2019) (English speaking) 3rd & up Monday 3:10-4:10pm 1hr GLC 140
1b* Chinese Game - Go (SQ 2020) (English Speaking)
2a* Chinese Dance I (English speaking) - 12 max. 2nd and 3rd Tuesday 2:15-3:15pm 1 hr Rm19 320
2b* Chinese Dance II (English speaking) - 12 max 4th/5th
and at least 1yr dance
3a Zhongruan Beginners (Chinese Speaking)
Additional deposit for instrument
2nd Grade and up
1 yr Zhongruan
Friday 2:40-3:30pm 50 min Art 300
3b Zhongruan Intermediate (Chinese Speaking)
Additional deposit for instrument
4a* Lion Dance I (English Speaking) 1st grade & up Friday 3:15-4:15pm 1 hr GLC 220
4b* Lion Dance II (English Speaking) Advanced
at least 1 yr ASEP
3:15-4:15pm 1hr 220
5* Percussion (English Speaking) 1st grade & up 4:20-5:20pm 1hr 220
6a Cooking - 16 students max - Fall Q 4th & up Mondays 3:15-5:00pm 1 hr 45 min Art 330
6b Cooking - 16 students max - Spring Q
7a* Brushpainting - 10 Students Max 4th & 5th Tuesday 2:15-3:15pm 1 hr Art 180
7b* Chinese Flute I ( English Speaking) - includes new flute 3rd grade and up Friday 3:20-4:00pm 40 min Rm 25 280
7c* Chinese Flute II ( English-Speaking ) - no class min 1 yr ASEP Flute 4:00-4:40pm 220
7d* Chinese Flute III (English speaking) min 2 yr ASEP Flute 4:00-4:40pm
8a* Chinese Erhu I (Chinese Speaking)
Additional deposit for instrument
2nd & 3rd grade Friday 2:40-3:30pm 50 min Rm 19 300
8b* Chinese Erhu I (Chinese speaking)
Additional deposit for instrument
4th grade & up Friday 3:30-4:20pm
8c** Chinese Erhu II (Chinese speaking)
additional deposit for instrument
min 1yr ASEP Friday 4:20-5:10pm
9a Wushu 1 Kinder and up Tuesday 2:10-3:10pm 1 hr GLC 320
9b Wushu II 1+ yr of wushu 3:10-4:10pm
10 Student Volunteer 8th and up Class time