ASEP Policies

Information about the ASEP program

Meyerholz-CLIP ASEP General Information and Class rules

General information:

  • Your check will be returned to you if your child does not get into the class.
  • All classes are subject to cancellation if minimum registration is not achieved. Check will be returned to student if ASEP cancels a class
  • On holidays and certain school events, there will be no class and no make-ups unless otherwise specified at a later date. Please refer to the Meyerholz school calendar.
  • Minimum of 8 classes for FQ & SQ session is guaranteed, any extra classes are not guaranteed.
  • Minimum of 16 classes including performances for Full year session is guaranteed. any extra classes are not guaranteed.
  • In compliance with Meyerholz school policy, please drop off your child 5 minutes before class start and pick up your child ON TIME at the end of class
  • Class attendance is limited to the participants ONLY. Parents and siblings are not to wait in the GLC or rooms where instruction is being provided.
  • Where grade level is indicated, child must be at that particular grade by the first day of class.
  • Parents are required to come to class 1-2 times on a rotating basis to assist our instructors per sign-up when required.

    Parents must attend a Meyerholz volunteer orientation.

  • Parent volunteers must attend a Meyerholz volunteer orientation.
  • Logistics are subject to change, but you will be notified of the changes as soon as they are known.
  • Performing arts classes students are required to attend one school site performance in December and one local performance in May (see main registration for exact dates). Please check your schedule according to the dates listed above.
  • For classes with a&b notation, you are only allowed to enroll either a or b class only.

General class rules:

  • Proper uniform attire is required to attend Chinese Dance, Flute, Erhu, Zhongruan, Lion Dance, Percussion and Wushu classes. All performing classes will receive an ASEP t-shirt prior to the first showcase. Wushu, Lion Dance and Percussion will receive black pants prior to the first showcase. Showcase - Costumes will be provided for Dance, Flute, Erhu and Zhongruan. Wushu, Lion Dance and Percussion will wear their ASEP t-shirt and pants.
  • Please dress your child appropriately for art classes.
  • Students are required to set up and clean up their work space / practice area at each class.
  • Students must arrive to class on time. Tardiness is considered a disruption.
  • Students must maintain proper conduct to continue instruction. Student may be withdrawn from the class if disruptive behavior is excessive.
  • Performing art students are expected to participate in various performances throughout the school year.
  • Students must support each other through kind and encouraging words, and be helpful when assistance is needed.
  • Students must observe the school-wide Citizenship Policy.

Meyerholz-CLIP After School Enrichment Program Policies for Students

Application & Liability Waiver Forms:

  • Completed and signed forms turned in by deadlines, no exceptions.
  • Full payment submitted by deadlines indicated on application, checks payment only.
  • Suggested donation submitted by deadline indicated on application, check payments only.

    Checks payable to: CLIPCO. Date on checks: 8/1/2016
    Checkmemo: Child name, grade in year 2016-2017, ASEP class

    (Note class fees do not contribute to CLIPCO fundraising)
  • Signed After school Activities Agreement

Class Donation:

  • Donation must be paid in advance to attend classes
  • Class donations are not refundable for any reason, including schedule conflicts, moving, lost of interest, etc.
  • Bounced checks are subject up to $25 or the cost of bank charge fee.

Space for Class:

  • Class sizes will have a limit/maximum - per instructors’ recommendations


  • No refund, no credit, and no make-up for missed classes

Swap Class:

  • Switching between classes cannot be done after the first class

Class Reschedule:

  • Meyerholz/CLIP has the right to reschedule classes when necessary
  • Instructors will have a point of contact (“class coordinator”), instructors and class coordinators will mutually inform each other of changes to classes, (i.e. cancelled class, moved rooms, extra practices, or performances must be cleared and approved by the class coordinator to instructors). This prevents mass confusion for the school staff, students and parents.


   If a student behaves inappropriately during the class, the instructor will:
  1. explain the class rules to the student
  2. give a warning to the student; a student can have a maximum of three warnings
  3. beyond 3 warnings on behavioral issues, the instructor or the ASEPC* parent volunteer will notify
    parents or guardians and the student may be withdrawn from the class.
  • No refund will be honored due to misbehaviors
  • Parents are financially responsible for replacing damaged/lost equipment and costumes that are the property of CLIP or instructors

Illness and Accidents:

  • Student cannot attend class if he/she has symptoms of a cold (e.g. continuous coughing), chicken pox, skin rashes, fever or any other kind of contagious illnesses
  • Notify class coordinator of absence by phone or email (if available)
  • In case of accident, class instructor will notify parents, school and CLIP ASEP Committee immediately

Arrival and Pick-Up Time:

  • Students come to class on time and parents/guardians must pick up students immediately after class ends
  • Students will be dropped off 5 minutes before class starts. It is not the parent volunteers’ or instructors’ responsibility to supervise children before classes start.
  • Students will be dropped from class if parents/guardians are late for pick up more than 2 times; it is not the parent volunteers’ or instructors’ responsibility to supervise children beyond class time, so please make arrangements for pickup accordingly.
  • Parents are responsible for any transportation of your own children if required.

Dress Code for Class:

  • Uniform is based on instructors’ recommendations which will be communicated to parents.


  • Students are required to attend performance(s) with prior notification having already been provided.


  • Parents communication is through emails, Please ensure that you are subscribed to the appropriate class email group(s) to receive timely important messages.