Programs & Committees

CLIPCO funds Chinese cultural and enrichment activities for our CLIP students through fundraising events. These programs are not funded by the Direct Give donations.

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team. No matter what your strengths are, you'll be an important addition to our extraordinary team. Visit our volunteer page today for more information about volunteering or providing a donation!

CLIP Programs & Committees

Program/Committee Contact
Chinese Book Fair Chair: Brenda Huang
Members: Ivy Lau, Yu Huei Lin
Chinese Language Contest Chair: TBD
Members: TBD
CLIP Art Chair: Marge Sung
Members: Kathleen Ko, Julie Wann
CLIP ASEP Chair: Sylvia Leong
Members: Nikki Tan
CLIP T-Shirt Chair: TBD
Members: Rachel Yuen, Nikki Tan, Wen-Kai Weng
CLIPCO Board Election Chair: TBD
Members: Kuimeuy Wang
Community Events Chair: TBD
Members: Ann Ruckstuhl, Sherman Chan, Walter Perez, Jack Zhu
CUSD and CAC Outreach Chair: TBD
Members: Ann Sung Ruckstuhl
Dining for Dollars Chair: TBD
Members: Julie Wann
Direct Give Campaign Chair: Scott Loper
Members: Ann Sung Ruckstahl, Wen-Kai Weng, Jack Zhu
Spring Banquet Chair: Sylvia Leong
Members: Kuimeuy Wang, Kathleen Ko, Marge Sung
Student Exchange Chair: TBD
Members: Kathleen Ko, Marge Sung, Rachel Yuen
Technology & Communications Chair: Sherman Chan
Members: TBD
Chinese SAT Mock Test Chair: Ling-Ling Chern, Liang-Hui Lee, Marge Sung
Members: TBD