Direct Give Competition

Funding CLIPCO

CLIP depends completely on donations to fund the programs not covered by normal school district funds. These programs include the Mandarin Chinese curriculum, CLIP Art program, and Homework Club to name a few. Last year, we raised a total of $314,178 ($246,727 from your generous donations, $67,451 in corporate matches.) CLIP’s 2017 - 2018 budget remains relatively flat to last year and is set at $334,867. There are nominal increases due to cost of instructional materials and professional development for teachers.


This year CLIPCO is asking CLIP families to donate $450 for each child in Kindergarten to 6th grade, and $225 for each child in 7th to 8th grade to cover their share of CLIP educational expenses. As with last years, CLIPCO is offering three different prizes to encourage a friendly contest:

  • Individual - An individual prize is awarded to those donating at least the minimum ask per student ($450 for K-6th, $225 for 7th and 8th).
  • Class - A Tshirt prize is awarded to the home room (Meyerholz) or grade (Miller) that meets 90% participation rate and 90% target dollar amount.
  • Grand Prize - A Grand Prize awarded to the top 3 home room (Meyerholz) or grade (Miller) with the highest percentage towards the target dollar amount.

Contest Rules:

  1. Donations must be received by 11:59pm, November 14, 2017 in order to be counted.
  2. Only donations of the minimum ask ($450 for K-6, $225 for 7th and 8th) or more will count towards the contest.
  3. Target dollar amount is determined by the total number of students per homeroom (or grade if Miller students) multiplied by the requested donation amount.
  4. Donors to be recognized in a future publication with an option to remain anonymous.
  5. Corporate matching amounts do not count towards the Direct Give Contest.


CLIP is grateful for the financial support received from our community. We would like to recognize your generosity by displaying your name on the CLIPCO website throughout the school year and on the December CLIPCO Newsletter after the Direct Give Contest. Donors also have the option to remain anonymous. Tiers of recognition indicated below are per student .


Donation Levels:

Kindergarten - 6th grade 7th grade - 8th grade
bronze medalBronze

donation of $450

donation of $225

silver medalSilver

donation of $451 to $699

donation of $226 to $349

gold medalGold

donation of $700 - $949

donation of $350 to $474

platinum medalPlatinum

donation of $950 or more

donation of $475 or more

Go here to see CLIP honor roll

You may donate online through PayPal using your credit card, debit card or PayPal account or Download the Pledge Form to pay by check. Please return this form along with your payment (payable to "CLIPCO") to the Meyerholz office, your student's homeroom teacher or your CLIPCO grade.

If you have more questions about the Direct Give Contest, please read our FAQ. If the information there does not answer your question, please contact your CLIPCO grade representative.

Please don't forget to potentially double your donation by applying for corporate matching through your employer. Corporate matching helps CLIPCO tremendously in making up for donation shortfalls. Every year, the corporate match donations to CLIPCO contribute between 15-25% of our annual budget. Please see How do I get corporate matching for my donation? for more information.


As with last years, CLIPCO is offering three different prizes to encourage a friendly contest.

Individual Prize Class Prize Grand Prize
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