Information of CLIPCO's budget and spending

The Budget

An overview of the 2017-2018 budget.

The CLIP Advisory Committee (CAC) was set up by the district to help make curriculum decisions with parent and teacher involvement. CAC and CLIPCO work hand in hand each year. The CAC board is composed of teachers, parents, principals, and the director of our program. They present funding needs to CLIPCO, which in turn raises the money to cover those needs.

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Personnel: 59.4% Personnel The personnel section of the budget pays for Instructi- onal Assistants, Homework Club, CLIP Art teachers, Zero Period Staffing, Special Prog- ram Coordinators, & Teacher Adjunct Hours. Materials: 17.6% Materials The materials section of the budget pays for Textbooks, Workbooks, Library books, Level Chinese Curriculum, & CLIP Art materials Professional Development: 16.4% Professional Development The professional development section of the budget pays for Teachers' training and Conferences Other: 6.6% Other The Other section of the budget pays for Copies, License Fees and Apps for iPads, STAMP Tests fees, Membership fees, Insurance, Bank charges, Tax Prep., Direct Give Expenses, Telephone, & Postage